Alexa B.
We went here to get some sweets to go and omg they were amazing. The Taro Crepe was wonderful and subtle, with a fabulous creamy texture. The strawberry pancake was so flavorful and just pure strawberry while being fluffy and amazing. 100% recommend.
Sam O.
I went here a week ago and tried the Mango Crepe Cake and the Coco Crepe cake and it was so delicious. I liked the fact that both cakes weren't too sugary or overwhelming. The Mango Crepe cake is a must try if you go there. It has a cute atmosphere as well. I'm excited to go back and try more menu items!
Ken Kobayashi
Best place for a Sunday out! Great food, new in town! Take ur girl here plz.
As a food tasting expert, I recently had the pleasure of sampling the crepe cakes at the Thousand Layer Cake Shop. Here's my review: Firstly, the appearance of the cakes was absolutely stunning. Each cake was delicately crafted with a thousand layers, each one so thin and precisely stacked on top of one another. The cakes were also beautifully decorated with intricate patterns and colors that were both pleasing to the eye and indicative of the bakery's attention to detail. As for the taste, I was blessed with the mango crepe cake. Each bite was a perfect balance of sweetness and mango flavor, with the layers of cake and cream melding together in a perfect harmony. The texture of the cakes was also noteworthy - despite having so many layers, the cakes were still incredibly light and fluffy, making them an absolute delight to eat. What truly sets the Thousand Layer Cake Shop apart, however, is their incredible range of flavors. From classic matcha and strawberry crepe cake to more exotic flavors like mango and taro, there's something for everyone at this bakery. And despite the wide variety of flavors, each cake was consistently delicious, proving that the bakers truly know their craft. Overall, I would highly recommend the Thousand Layer Cake Shop to anyone looking for a truly exceptional cake experience. The cakes are not only stunningly beautiful, but also incredibly delicious and diverse in their range of flavors. This is truly a must-visit bakery for anyone with a love of fine desserts.
Yibin He
Great service and the desserts are delicious! Highly recommend!!!
Kevin B.
We had no idea what this place was, but were totally ecstatic that we went inside. The layered cakes were delicious! We tried the taro, the matcha, and the Oreo. I would definitely recommend any of the three.
Haowen C.
It was my first time here today and I think this place has just open up, but I am in love with this place! I love having dessert here, the food is amazing, I have tried the coco crepe cake, It was very delicious and fluffy. Definitely my go to dessert place in College Station. Excellent costumer service and the place is beautiful.